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”Everyone loved your food and all were very impressed. Making coffee for my uncle, getting him sugar and cleaning up were unexpected nice touches.”
Jen and John S

“Hi Carolyn.
I saw your flyer at Dr. Jim’s. It’s beautiful. So glad to see you are dong what you love and what you are so good at. Have a great day!”

Carolyn Stapleton truly is the Creative Food Chef. She has catered several events for me over the last few years including: several decadent picnic baskets for 6 (enjoyed at Leu gardens, on the Butler chain of lakes and when the weather changed our plans, at home poolside.) Carolyn has also cooked and served 2 formal (6 course) Holiday Dinners for 12. Her greatest skill is that she listens to what you want and matches it with the perfect culinary delights. For our last Christmas dinner party event she incorporated desserts we’d brought with us from a tour of Germany and Vienna. She presented a small portion of each decadent dessert on beautiful china plate and accompanied it with a vintage champagne glass with fresh whipped cream and orange zest. Everyone felt like they were on the trip with us! It was a lovely dinner party thanks to Carolyn and her wonderful creativity. Derek B – Dr. Philips Resident

My husband and I have been the lucky recipients of Carolyn’s cooking on many occasions. The first time we really understood her relationship with food was early on in our friendship when she volunteered to help us with our wedding reception. Little did we know what a spread of delicious, exotic, elegant treats were in store for us! She transformed our event into a fabulous affair!
Over the years I’ve learned many simple and invaluable techniques from watching Carolyn in the kitchen, where she exhibits the ease and skill of a master craftsperson. She has also shared with us a host of useful health and nutrition advice on a variety of topics, ranging from syndrome X to my mother’s vertigo. Carolyn is one of the first people I go to with a health or nutrition question. Not only will I get excellent information, but I’ll also have fun interacting with her. And THAT’s got to be a healthy thing!
Betsey and Alan M

Thanks for a great Valentines supper! It was great! Thank you so much for helping to make out Valentines day so wonderful! You did an awesome job- un believably delicious meal and we really appreciate it!
Thanks again,
Annette O’

“You hit the ball outta the park” Davis O’ (re: romantic Valentine’s dinner for 2)

I am still smiling this morning from one of the BEST parties I have ever hosted!
Your food was amazing, the evening was perfect!
I am sending out thank you notes and will include your feedback form in those.
I am sure you will he hosting many more parties with this group and I will be passing your name out to many friends.
It was a pleasure meeting you and look forward to seeing you again SOON!

Thank you
Carol P. B
THE ATTIVO AGENCY….let us make the ordinary extraordinary!

“Carolyn, thank YOU for your work. The reviews were fantastic and
honestly, I can’t think of anything that could/should be changed.
We’ll get the feedback forms to our friends. Carol has your room
ready, so when you are ready, come on over. We don’t mind!!”
Joe B.

“So we cooked and ate the pot pie. 5 people gave it 30 thumbs up. All of us are raving!”
Brian Chodoroff

Several years ago I was fortunate enough to have meals catered for me by Carolyn. Every day I would look forward to them, and the morning would find me salivating in expectation. There was never an item on the plate that wasn’t absolutely delicious!
Carolyn introduced me to a number of new tastes, and many foods and flavorings I was unfamiliar with. I could tell during this period that she was feeding me that I felt better, and at the same time I did not crave the nasties I had previously developed a taste
for. Her meals were so nutritious that they met every need my body had, so the cravings for sweets and fats and even caffeine did not tempt me. She has made an art of not only the variety and preparation of the food, but the presentation on the plate was appetizing in itself!!
I regret that our circumstances changed and I was forced to give up her sumptuous meals, and should the opportunity present itself again, I will be the first in line. Irecommend Carolyn without reservation; you will be surprised and delighted
at the wonders she can achieve!

Beth H

“Again…. WOW! Tarticicuous! A signature treat! You knocked it out of the park!”
Rick M.

Jan. 2011
Hi Carolyn!….And….Thank YOU!!!! Everything was absolutely amazing!! EVERYTHING!!….And YOU were BEYOND amazing!!
You really out-did yourself!
Again, thank you for helping to make this Christmas Day fun, relaxing and memorable!! And, also, for taking the time to include my Mother’s recipes. That was so special for us!

Susan R.

Nov. 2011
Hi Carolyn!
I’m just remembering last year and all your wonderful creativity and excellent cuisine! I’m certainly going to miss all that “wonderfulness”. It was such a treat having you in my home! You really spoiled me….I felt like royalty!
Hope you have a very special, meaningful holiday and a very Happy New Year!!

Susan R.

…One of my favorite things about Carolyn is her attention to detail. Not only is her cooking delicious, the presentation of the food is exquisite, be it a picnic basket, a buffet or a sit down dinner. She’s keen at satisfying anyone’s dietary needs, as well as noticing a client’s favorite food item and surprising them with an unexpected bonus at the dinner table.
Much love,
Alinda R.

“I am so glad to have Carolyn in my life. Her expertise and passion in helping others to understand the link between food and what ails us is astounding. She gives more than just a recipe she gives love and understanding. Thank you for everything.”
Danielle Moroux


You outdid yourself. The spinach triangles were out of this world. Everyone liked them–really perfect! The lentil-walnut pate was a hit. The fruit kabobs were wonderful and the filo cups w/mint/strawberries were great. And thanks for the lovely surprise of the relish kabobs w/olives. They topped off the shrimp platter. Thanks also for the loan of your lovely dishes.


August 1994

“… She is a creative and excellent chef, and excels in menu/event planning, organization and implementation…. Count yourself fortunate if Carolyn is cooking or serving in any fashion, as she orchestrates symphonies of healthful good tastes … she is a remarkably talented woman who brings extensive nutritional and holistic health education, excellent culinary skill, and an uplifting , adventurous spirit to all she does.”

Barbra Joy H

April 2007
We highly recommend Carolyn as a well informed nutritionist and care giver. She has been a great companion to my husband, who has had two strokes, also has given me attention when needed.
Has full knowledge of a proper diet. She will prepare anything you ask for. Every meal has been outstanding and presented as if in a four star restaurant. She will be missed.

Dr. Sebastian and Mary lou V

April 2003

This is a hopelessly enthusiastic fan letter. We want to say, simply, thank you for presenting your food artistry at our party. More than that, your entire persona is wrapped in elegance and beauty, of roses, of classical music, of kitchen organization, of leadership in singing “Happy Birthday” at the appropriate time, of serving your magnificent morsels with cheer, wit and panache. We are extremely thankful for your friendship and for your contributions to a truly great celebration.
As the most telling record of your accomplishment, we think you should know that many friends complimented your spicy corn stuffed cherry tomatoes, your fresh raspberry and mint on chocolate Brule, and your sesame salmon fingers, to mention a small selection of delights. Its overall presentation, whether by you personally or on one of several tables, made an outstanding impression on all. We salute your extraordinary talents, and we wish a host of others the extremely good fortune to have you help with their special events.

Marianna and Charlie R

Dear Carolyn,

We cannot thank you enough for all you did to make my mother’s 80th birthday party go so smoothly and successfully! You pulled through with flying colors and helped us tremendously in making the party a huge success- especially at such short notice!
As always, your food was delicious and you were a delight to work with.
Thank you, again. I cannot express how much all you did meant to me and to may family and how appreciative we all are of your graciousness and just for being you!

Annette and Davis O’

Carolyn Stapelton
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