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You and I have a chat, I learn about what foods make you, your body and your family happy (or unhappy.) I take a “cooks tour” of your kitchen to get an idea of your equipment and what I would need to bring if you hire me to cook for you. If you give me the thumbs up (and a partial payment) I head back to control central and design some menu options based on my findings. I email the menu ideas (for your approval) and we set up a “cook day.” On that delicious day, I arrive with all the goodies and cook up a yummy storm. When you return home from your busy day, you will be welcomed by delicious aromas, pre-cooked meals (and a kitchen that tells no stories.)
I can easily cook for 1-8 people and prepare meals heat and eat, “family style,” or divvy up portions for fresh, frozen or combo service (as you choose.)
For example for singles or seniors I offer 1 entree with 2 complex carbohydrate and love filled vegetable side dishes (4 or more servings) plus a soup, stew or “crock pot” item (4 regular size or 6-8 lite appetite servings) a total of 8 to 16 healthy,custom, delicious meals for only 120 dollars (plus food.)
For a larger appetite: 2 entrees (4 generous servings each) with 2 veggie sides (ditto) for a total of 8 meals is $160 plus food cost. 3 entrees with 3 veggie sides 12 complete meals plus extra veggie sides (to compliment a sandwich perhaps:) is plus food.
For larger families I offer “family style” portions or more entrees and sides.
All entrees I make are designed for 4 generous servings (6 or 8 if your appetite is smaller.) I am generous with my food as well as my time. I offer fresh service, as well as commercial kitchen tested frozen entrees which makes it easy for families to eat a meal or two out during the week and defrost and rewarm meals at their convenience. Re-heating instructions and labeling remove any mystery on how to enjoy your meals later.

The Interview takes an hour and costs $75.00 if you, your diet or your family require additional time I charge a pro-rated amount of 30 dollars an hour to be collected at end of interview. Purchase

My Personal chef cook rate is 30 hr. (with a 3 hour minimum please.) The type of service is entirely up to you. A rule of thumb is 1 hr. per entree, stew or soup. Food cost is additional as some clients prefer organically grown, free range, grass fed or wild caught ingredients and others do not mind “conventional” or lower cost ingredients. Want only breakfasts, desserts, soups, snacks, bag lunches, balloon picnics? I can do that too.

Need to go beyond the basic interview? As a Certified Nutritionist I have the education (and technology) to plan meals that take food sensitivities, food allergies and other dietary needs in stride(including diabetes, G.A.P.s diet (ADD, Autism spectrum) or gluten free.)

Struggling with a weight or health issue and want to go beyond the basic interview? I can offer you a Personalized diet and food list using FoodPharmacy® Software which goes beyond the symptoms of food sensitivities and allergies and weight management to address underlying causes of metabolic imbalance. This is the only program to provide proven dietary strategies for over 250 acute and chronic medical conditions. It factors in biochemical individuality, blood type, body type, metabolic type and Ayurvedic type in addition to current health. You will receive an easy to follow color coded food lists which defines exactly what is best for YOU to eat and not eat.

This state of the art software’s design incorporates proven nutritional strategies that addresses causes and symptoms and is based on the latest research from nearly 1,000 current scientific papers as well as studies and clinical observations (and expertise) of renowned nutritional experts such as: Jeffrey Bland, Robert Crayhon, Alan Gaby, Dietrich Klinghardt, Michael Murray, Paul Pichford, Joseph Pizzorno, Laura Power, David Watts, Melvyn Werbach, William Wolcott, Jonathan Wright.

Results sent electronically as a pdf or printed and mailed, as preferred and includes an extensive list of foods and spices appropriate for your body as well as breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas just for you.

Cost $100

cost: $100.00 . Purchase

Save yourself the time and bother of hitting the markets and give the list to me!If you don’t have a list, I can help with that too… from one stop to a dozen, my time is yours. I’ll load up with coolers, do your errands, put away your groceries and if you juice I’ll even prep your produce.

Rate: $30.00 hr. plus $0.50 per mile. Purchase

Tired of the hodge podge in your pantry? Let me at it! I’ll tame your Tupperware® and whip your cupboard into shape. Unwanted canned goods? I will make room for new pantry items by taking your donation to the local food pantry. If they’re a 501 3c I’ll even get you a receipt.

Rate: $30.00 hr (3 hr. min.) this service includes a versatile list of pantry basics and healthy gourmet ideas to make it easy to throw together your own impromptu delicious meals .Purchase

Yes, I do that too. One time service to clear out the lab experiments or we can schedule “touch up/ fill ups” to restock your fridge with your grocery favorites.

Rate: $30.00 hr (2 hr. min.) plus $0.50 per mile. Purchase

Ever had a party and didn’t get to enjoy your guests?This is where you get to invite yourself to enjoy the fun. You approve the menu and I do the rest: shop, prep, cook, serve and clean or if you’d prefer, I’ll be your invisible chef, do all the behind the scenes work (with dessert, salad, chilled shrimp cocktail in the fridge and hot stuff ready when you are) you take the bows and hubby does the dishes. Preferred dinner party size is from 4 to 12.
A few items that past clients have loved:
shrimp with apricot/ mustard dipping sauce. Orange/ginger/cashew chicken lettuce wraps with peanut hoisin dipping sauce, Mediterranean stuffed and roasted tomatoes with asiago or feta, Stuffed grape leaves (vegetarian or lamb mix,)Thai spicy wings and brie en croute filled with sweet or savory and wrapped in puff pastry:) (not exactly a “health food” but absolutely delicious! See “menus I have made” for some more ideas.

Cost: $30.00 hr (4 hr. min.) plus food Purchase

Imagine an elegant and romantic dinner ready when you are. Table set, candle ready, music playing. You supply the special guest, I do the rest. I’ll even draw you a bath before I leave.

Cost: $30.00 hr (3 hr. min.) with a complementary 1/2 menu research and design (additional menu research for special needs and diets prorated at 30 hr.)Purchase

Are all about celebrating, sharing food, sharing stories, and having fun with family and friends (not about being wonder woman- or man.) Don’t exhaust yourself… Let me prove that you can have a great home cooked meal (without spending your holiday in the kitchen!) Let me be your extra pair of hands; from shopping and chopping help (if you prefer cooking) to the “whole kielbasa” (so you can enjoy your guests!) Have a special family recipe, I will be happy to do that too:) let me share your holiday and take the pressure off.

Jan. 2011
“Hi Carolyn!….And….Thank YOU!!!! Everything was absolutely amazing!! EVERYTHING!!….And YOU were BEYOND amazing!! Except for the stress of the Ollie incident, the day was perfect!!! You really out-did yourself!
Again, thank you for helping to make this Christmas Day fun, relaxing and memorable!! And, also, for taking the time to include my Mother’s recipes. That was so special for us!
Susan R.”

Nov. 2011
Hi Carolyn!
I’m just remembering last year and all your wonderful creativity and excellent cuisine! I’m certainly going to miss all that “wonderfulness”. It was such a treat having you in my home! You really spoiled me….I felt like royalty!
Hope you have a very special, meaningful holiday and a very Happy New Year!!
Susan R.”

Holiday rates: $75.00 hr (4hr. min) Purchase

Host an elegant brunch at home.You choose from items like Asparagus and crab strata, grilled portabello stacks, quiches, maple and chipotle bacon, stroganoff, fresh fruit kabobs, Ceviche, and gourmet tapenades, breads and cheeses. I do the rest.

Rate: $40.00 hr (3 hr. min.) plus food. Purchase

I love to prepare food and nourish others. I love perishable art. I love helping others discover their own talent. Real life skills, safe technique and kitchen basics taughtto kids from 7 yrs to 18 yrs old and adults of all ages. The menu and class size depends on participants and venue. Classes can be arranged in your home, community center or church. “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime” Chinese proverb.

Cost: $50.00 hr. plus grocery cost (3 hr. min.) Purchase

Do you dread the grocery store? Does it take you forever to shop AND you spend a fortune? I can teach you to navigate towering end caps and screaming cereal boxes with ease, how to shop smart(and leave with items that won’t end up dead in your fridge.) Guided shopping tours are great for young adults, newly weds, or those who have decided to eat out less (and want more than mac-n-cheese, lean cuisine or pizza for dinner.) This 1 hr. service includes an interview, tour and a basic pantry/ supply list.

Cost: $45.00 (any additional time is pro-rated at 30 hr.) Purchase

Help cut down heath costs, increase your performance and stamina and learn more about how foods work in the body. I know a thing or two about diet, nutrition and real life. I can provide clear and entertaining explanations on what food is (and isn’t) as well as address common questions about fats, fiber, carbohydrates (the good, bad and ugly) as well as proteins and sugars.I am available for speaking at your business, church or group, activity center and provide hand-out sheets on appropriate topics. Presentation is 45-60 minutes with a 15 minute Q and A.

Cost: $125.00 includes hand out sheet and Q and A. Purchase

I can also be your one on one nutrition coach and guide to a healthier you. Let me support, encourage and assist you in healthy lifestyle goals. Menu support, nutritional guidance. All information is, of course, confidential. Let me be your cheerleader and confidante.

Cost: $30.00 per hour after your investment in a personalized food list. Discounts offered for monthly service. maintenance. rapport Purchase

This is where classes and parties merge.You pick a menu or a theme (Spanish, Mexican, Italian, Thai etc.) I submit ideas for your approval (5 courses.) On the party day I arrive early and do the majority of the kitchen work ahead of time. I provide recipes, fun facts and welcome any eager guests to participate in a little mixing and tossing to put final touches on the meal.

Cost: $40.00 hr (4 hr. min.) plus food. You supply the special guest, I do the rest. Purchase

A generous “one size fits all” gift for:

bulletNew mothers
bulletGreat employees
bulletWedding anniversary and graduation gifts.
bulletChristmas and Hanukkah presents
bulletIndividuals just out of the hospital
bulletThose who don’t need more material possessions
(seniors and affluent individuals who may be difficult to shop for.)
bulletMother’s day, father’s day.
bulletA special way to say “happy birthday” “thank you” or “I love you”
bulletGive someone you care about the gift of time…

Payment is via PayPal or Credit Card, unless other methods are agreed upon.
Please click Make a Payment link to make your payment or deposit.

What provides a rhythm to our days and fuels our well being; silently comforting, healing, rewarding, and celebrating our every gathering? …FOOD!
“Good Food is, good living”

Carolyn Stapelton
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