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A personal chef has several clients, a private chef has 1, both chefs prepare foods in their client’s kitchen. A caterer prepares foods in a commercial kitchen and then transports it to event site. All 3 professionals plan menus, shop, cook. Unlike a commercial kitchen, Chefs always clean-up after themselves (we dont’ bring elves.) A personal chef generally uses their own utensils and tools, however this varies. A personal chef packages, labels and provides clear re-warming heating instructions with the meals, and puts them in your refrigerator or freezer, to be enjoyed when you are ready.

Seniors who want the dignity of remaining in their home without the chore of planning and shopping, or the potential danger, of cooking for themselves. Post surgery individuals, or those with special dietary needs. People who want help loosing weight with custom portion sizing, higher quality/ nutrient dense/ natural meals (lower in sodium and fat.) Busy professionals who leave for work early/ return home late, don’t have time to cook but want to have something delicious in their fridge. In short, anyone who wants high quality, delicious, custom meals freshly prepared and ready to be re-warmed (without the expense of a private chef.)

You contact me by phone or e mail and we arrange an in- home interview. I take notes on what foods make you, your body (and anyone else that matters) happy and take a “cooks tour” of your kitchen (so I know what tools to bring) and we will talk about what type of services would work for you (fresh, frozen, or combination.) This consultation takes approximately 1 hr. and costs $75.00 any additional time is prorated at 30 hr.

At the end of the consultation, if you are ready to begin service, you give me a check for ½ of the cook day price (a full cook 5 hours or 200.00) I return to control central and put together a variety of menu ideas (based on your preferences) and send them to you for your “thumbs up”and we schedule your 1st “cook day” with any additional, pertinent information.

I go to market (s) and get the best ingredients for your menu, keep items cool and return to your home to prepare your menu to your needs, likes and specifications. I then chill your meals properly, pack and label them, wrap them snugly and leave you warming directions, a tidy kitchen, and the aroma of great food to greet you.

When you add up the time it takes to plan, shop, and cook as well as the amount of food that goes to waste in the fridge (we do have the best intentions when we shop hungry don’t we?) In addition to the add-ons of eating out (travel time, waiting time, gasoline, costly beverages, tips) and weigh them against: extra time for yourself, your honey, your children and high quality meals, the costs of hiring a personal chef are quickly offset.
Don’t be “penny wise and pound foolish” Call your creative food chef to help you watch your waistline and your wallet.

Carolyn Stapelton
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